Saturday, April 19, 2014

Square Dancing

Arm Turns -- Easy as Pie


I think the key to success at a club dance is to have a solid foundation with the Basics along with the ability to listen, trust, and react to directions from the caller. Most of the time these “directions” are simply the calls, but it has become increasingly fashionable for guest callers to alter the calls in some manner in order to provide more interest. Is there an unspoken assumption that a program’s calls cannot stand alone?


Dancer Mind Control


As much as we like to believe we are free to think and act as we choose, there is evidence to suggest that mind control is running rampant in the square dance activity! How do you avoid becoming a victim, without quitting and walking away?


Recovery 101

Akk! The caller is still yacking out calls and you’ve just looked at the other side of the square, because part of your side seems to be missing. You realize your “square” is more of a blob, and dancers’ expressions, the looks in their eyes, or the occasional silly grin and chuckle signal a breakdown. Not to worry. What do you do?


The Rimshot Heard 'Round The World

You probably remember the story about the Minute Men and the shot heard round the world. Ralph Waldo Emerson coined the phrase to describe that first shot fired against the British in 1775, which heralded the beginning of the American Revolution. Was it actually the musket shot, however, or the beat of Willam Diamond's drum that started the war in Lexington Concord?


Shendig at the Barn


Folks started to arrive at The Barn in San Marcos to shoot a pilot for a History Channel series called Barn Dance. They brought with them a buzz of excitement that could be felt in the air. Donna Hawkins, Whirlaways Co-President and Palomar Square Dance Association’s mover and shaker, had promised them a great time, the possibility of the face-time on a television show, and dancing to live music. Ron Nelson, the director and creative mind behind the project, had met with the three callers early in the morning to explain what was going to happen. I was one of those callers.


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