Sometime after I had written this and a few other articles, I learned that the Bill Peters materials are available at They may be a bit out of date, but still contain boat loads of information relevant and interesting to the aspiring caller. This article contains a basic overview of the traditional use of modules along with a few sampling modules. The material contained within was origionally a supplement to other modules that were provided to the callers I was mentoring. Perhaps it can be of some help to you.




One traditional method of calling patter without resorting to sight resolution is to use pre-written material. The definitive work on modular systems that I’m familiar with is The Mighty Module, and Sight Calling Made Easy by Bill Peters. Bill describes the modular system in detail from the ground up. It has been a couple decades since I’ve laid eyes upon it, though, and I’ll try to explain the principles as I have come to use them over the years.

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