Mastering a resolution process is like mastering the clutch on a manual transmission. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn on an automatic before tangling with 3 pedals and a stick? I mean, you’ve only got two feet, right? Why not learn to resolve a square using only 2 people instead of the traditional 4? Why resolve at all? After all, a well-constructed set of modules should offer the complete package, variety, interesting choreography, and built-in resolution! Modules provide a strong foundation, but you still need to be able to fix mistakes, and after a time, you want to stretch your wings a little; you want more variety than your set of modules allows. You want the flexibility to tailor your dance to suit the ability level before you. You want to be able to deliver a Wind in the Face experience. What if I could show you a way to call pretty much whatever you wanted to call without memorizing hundreds of sequences or worrying about how to resolve? Let me introduce you to Duonamics, and when we’re finished, your favorite number might be 2.

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Duonamics Overview


Part I: Duonamics Overview 


Part II: Duonamics Simple Applications 


Part II: Duonamics Simple Applications 

Duonamics Details

Simple Duonamics Part Ia

Simple Duonamics Part Ib

Simple Duonamics Part Ic

Simple Duonamics Part IIa

Simple Duonamics Part IIb

Simple Duonamics Part IIc



Simple Duonamics Part IId


Intermediate & Advanced Duonamics

Intermediate Duonamics Example 1

Intermediate Duonamics Example 2

Advanced Duonamics Example 1

Advanced Duonamics Example 2