You’ve already made the decision to explore the craft of calling, so congratulations, and welcome to this exclusive brand of insanity. Let’s face facts. With the state of the activity today, there are not many made to order opportunities for you to call – especially if your goal is to call for established clubs.

However, if you are ambitious and energetic, you can create your own opportunities. The Square Dance Party market holds the biggest opportunity for financial gain, although, it might not be where you want to play. You should give some thought to where you want to go with your calling, and set some reasonable goals. A competent, working caller can help you with this.

You will make a transition from thinking like a dancer to thinking like a caller. Eventually, your dancer friends will make a transition from seeing you as a dancer to seeing you as a caller. This will take a long time. In fact, you are probably better off starting as far away from where you currently dance as possible. When you are ready to show your stuff to your friends, make it a great showing. In other words, learn out of the sight of the people who know you as “the dancer.” Introduce yourself to them as “the caller” once you have sufficiently learned the basic skills. Of course, this advice doesn’t apply if you are only planning to perform at parties.

This document explores a few things you should know and begin to get comfortable with while you begin your journey to become a good caller.

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