As much as we like to believe we are free to think and act as we choose, there is evidence to suggest that mind control is running rampant in the square dance activity! How do you avoid becoming a victim, without quitting and walking away?

One key to learning to dance well is to get out there and dance! Every caller has a unique presentation, and a new voice can sometimes throw a dancer for a loop – especially a new dancer. There are plenty of club couples who will take you under their wing and help you through. So, don’t be afraid to get out there and listen to new voices! It’s easy to become complacent, and we get good at anticipating what we think the caller will call next. Before we even hear the next call, sometimes we’re already moving there. We’ve been programmed to anticipate well-worn patterns!

Take Scoot Back for example. You almost always hear the sequence, Square Thru, Touch ¼; Scoot Back; Boys Run. Did you know that many boys are already in the process of running around that gal before the caller actually calls a Boys Run? Yet there are many choices available to the caller. Dancers do not have to work in the Scoot Back mini-waves. The caller can have them work in the wave as well. Can you remember hearing: Scoot Back; Check a Wave?